How Your Body Is Like a Car

So, lately I’ve challenged myself to increase the average MPG for each tank of gas when driving our Toyota Prius,…

Are You Suffering?

Are you depressed? Is someone you know depressed? Do you even know how to tell if you or someone you know has a mental health issue? This year, do one small thing to improve your mental health... and improve your life.

New Year’s Revolution

This year, don't make a resolution, make a New Year's Revolution. Find out how by watching this video.

Pain of Loss

Sometimes God does things that I can’t understand. My day started out pretty normal on December 19, 2017.

You Can’t Out-Exercise Your Diet

Have you ever started an exercise routine, then later stepped on the scale and thought, “WHAT? I haven’t lost ANY weight?” Or…

Why You Should NEVER Diet Again

As your Life Improvement Coach, I don’t want you to waste your money or your time on commercial diets. They’re…


As your Life Improvement Coach, I want to help you get healthy and stay healthy long-term. I want to help…
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